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Happy Eid, right?


Salaam Aleikum my dear friends,

They blessed days of Ramadan are passing by, one by one. One week left until we all get to celebrate and feel joy during Eid alhamdulillah. I have made some decorations for you to put up in your home, creating that special feeling for Eid. Filling those  bonbons with candy and giving them as gifts to your children. You know, these things are really really hard to think about today. Some of us are spening our Eid in peace and happiness while some of my other sisters and brothers are spending their Eid in terror and grief. So, so many children are spending their first Eid without their mother and father, maybe even all alone subhanallah. So, Happy Eid right?

These printable templates were at firts going to be for free, like many other templates I’ve shared with you this month. But this one I simply can’t. Putting these up in your home, preparing gifts to your children when YOU KNOW there are thousands of Muslim children who on Eid might get nothing but bullets or bombs as gifts. La ilaha illallah!

IMG_0357 IMG_0362

I would like to feel some happiness on Eid and I can’t have that unless I know I have at lest tried a little bit to give happiness to the children in Gaza and Syria. These Eid templates are now available in my “Instant download” category in the shop. The package consists of 4 different buntings, and Eid Floral Garland, Eid Tags (Swedish, English and Arabic), “Bonbon” Candybox template, an Eid Card and 5 new designs for the pop-up mosque.


And the price? It’s 100 Swedish kronor which is the equivalent for buying an Eid gift to an orphan child (through the charity organisation SolidaritetsCenter in their current “Ramadan Campaign”).


All the money will be donated for this cause, so your 100 kr is in fact 100 % sadaqah for you inshallah. Let’s see how many Eid Gifts we can raise!


Buy the “Eid Decoration Package” here.


IMG_0360 IMG_0358 IMG_0359 IMG_0361 IMG_0356 IMG_0366 IMG_0364


I ask you during this blessed days to please support this project of mine and share it.

May Allah bless and reward you all <3


// Umm Jabir

Whoever does right.


Visited Alfons Åbergs Kulturhus (Alfie Atkins’ Cultural Centre) two days ago with some sisters. Found this paper in one of the rooms with the text -“Whoever does right, does right againts himself. Whoever does evil, does evil to himself. From the Quran”.

Whosoever does righteous good deed it is for (the benefit of) his ownself, and whosoever does evil, it is against his ownself, and your Lord is not at all unjust to (His) slaves.” Surat Fussilat 41:46

A month of loneliness


Salaam Aleikum,

Its been eight years now since began my journey as a believer. It was actually during Ramadan I felt that Islam was the true religion and my heart was open by Allah to believe in Him. Maybe two or three weeks after Ramadan 2006 I said my shahada alhamdulillah. Truly the gates of Paradise are open and the devils are locked up during this blessed month allowing more people see the beauty of Islam and the Greatness and how Merciful Allah is. If you would have asked me to become a Muslim 6 months before this time I would definitely said no. It was so far away from me, the idea to believe in a God. But alhamdulillah Allah guides whom He wills, never loose open on people becoming Muslims.

During my first Ramadan I was living in my own little apartment by myself. I was 21 years old. I was the only Muslim (what I know of at least) in the suburb where I lived. 99 % Swedes and other percent was me. Since I wore the niqab I didn’t really feel of being out much there, I went out when I had to or if was going away somewhere. Being a convert you are very dependent on your sisters and brothers since you have no Muslim family of your own and many of us loose our old friends when converting. Your social network is very vulnerable, many are in great need of Muslims who can help and be there for you like your own blood family.

I remember every invitation i went to during this Ramadan. Weird hu? But they really really meant everything to me. During Ramadan most of us say salaam to everything and everyone around us, shutting out the world to focus on our deen. What many of us forget is that we also shut out a lot of people. People like me during my first Ramadan. Converts and even some of those “born and raised as a Muslim” might spend their Ramadan in loneliness. Yes some time alone is definitely good for you, specially during Ramadan, to focus on worship. Muslims who are married, have children, other family members, close relatives or even Muslim neighbors usually prepare and / or break fast together. The alternative to break my fast and eat iftar in the mosque was not an option, iftar was late and I didn’t want to go out by myself late at night. In non-Muslim countries the mosque might also be very far away from your home.

I remember those invitations during Ramadan because the gave me so much happiness and comfort. Being alone during Ramadan is hard. The thought of that everybody else is with their family but me is really hard to tackle. I was depending on their desire to invite people (me) over for iftar, I felt embarrassed to invite myself. Because it is just that time around iftar which is the most difficult time being alone. I know this will sound pathetic, but during this time Paltalk was very popular. So what I did every evening before and after iftar was to enter an islamic room and just listen. I didn’t participate in any debate or wrote comments, I just wanted to hear Muslims. Talking about Islam, their day, making dawah or talking about what they had to eat after maghrib.

Why I am telling you this is because there are many Muslims who will, just like I did in 2007, go through this blessed month in total loneliness. I ask you to think about your brothers or your sisters this Ramadan. Not only our own goals of this and that. Ramadan should be a month of activity, this should really be the month when we truly get to experience the feeling of brotherhood and not loneliness. If you know of somebody without family ask them over for iftar. Iftar is late? Let them sleep over. Take care of your Muslim brothers and sisters, everyone of us should love for others what we love for ourselves. Arrange something special for this group of Muslims, maybe an collective iftar at someones home or in the mosque. This is the time during Ramadan but Eid is also one of those times many converts are alone, spending their Eid all alone. Make an Eid breakfast or brunch for converters after the prayer or why not an Eid party where everyone is welcome of course.

Don’t forget us.

Beautiful reminder about generosity.

This is a really sweet reminder about teaching ours souls to be more generous. And as you will see, the Prophet sallallahu ‘aleihi wa sallam was generous in several ways. Subhanallah it is so easy to believe that it is enough to be generous with things we own or our money. How about being generous with our precious time, maybe spend some time talking in the phone or visiting a sister? Or being generous to our own children by giving them more time, more attention and more love! Reading reminders like this one, I always feel a bit moved and I a part of my heart cries of happiness. It is because subhanallah it so hard not to get affected by this great mans personality. A man who lived his life to please Allah and to be the best example for us to follow alhamdulillah. Please read this this short text about our dear Prophet Muhammads generosity May Allahs peace and blessings be upon him.


“…The Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) was the most generous person in giving away what he owned, and he would never look at something as being either too big or too insignificant to give up for the sake of Allah.

Nobody would ask him for anything except that he gave it to them, regardless of how big or small it was.  He gave things away in a way that made it seem that he never feared poverty, and generosity and charity were the most beloved things to him. His happiness and joy in giving something away was more than that felt by those who would accept his gifts. He was the most generous person, and his generosity was like the blowing wind.

If a person in need would approach him, he would always prefer that person to himself. This was sometimes in the form of food, and was sometimes in the form of clothing.

He would have variety in terms of how he would give things away:

– Sometimes, he would give it as a small gift, sometimes as charity, and sometimes as a large gift.

– He would sometimes buy something from someone then give him back the product itself that he had just paid for, such as what he did with the camel he bought from Jabir.

– Sometimes, he would take a loan and then pay back more than he borrowed, or would give back something better or more plentiful than he borrowed.

– Sometimes, he would buy something and pay more than its value for it.

– He would accept a gift and then repay it with a gift many times more valuable.

This was all done out of his generosity and desire to practice as many types of charity and good as possible.

His charity was in what he possessed, his personality, and his words. He would give whatever he had and command others to give charity and encourage them in this and call to it through his actions and words.

If he saw a stingy person, his mere personality would force that person into being generous and charitable. Whoever interacted with him and accompanied him and observed his lifestyle had no choice but to also be generous and freely giving.

His lifestyle was one of kindness, charity, and goodness. This is why he was the most relaxed of people and the purest and softest of them in heart. Charity and kindness have an amazing effect in bringing about relaxation.

…Kindness to people and helping them through your money, influence, physical help, and other types of kindness is a means of relaxation. The generous and kind person is much more relaxed and purer and softer in heart, while the stingy person who displays no kindness has the tightest chest, the most depressed life, and the most worries and stress.

And the Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) gave an example in the‘Sahih’ regarding the generous and stingy. He likened them to two men wearing metal armor. Whenever the generous person intends to give something in charity, his armor widens and relaxes until it drags and covers his feet. Whenever the stingy person intends to give charity, every ring of his armor stays in place and doesn’t widen or relax at all. So, this is like the relaxation that the charitable believer feels compared to the tightness that the stingy person feels…”

[‘Zad al-Ma’ad’; 2/22-26]


*** This text is written by Ibn al-Qayyim and translated by Iskandrani (may Allah hasten his release)

A heart at ease.


Finally quiet outside, the kids did not wake up alhamdulillah of all the noise. Yes, fireworks are beautiful but there are far more better ways to spend (or waste?) your money. A new year has begun and we have again left one more year behind us. I don’t make promises or any specific goals at the beginning of a new year, but it is a good reminder to think about the year that passed, what we did and did not do. What good deeds did I do? Which bad deeds did I do?

The quote for this poster is not from me originally, I saw it on IG (or was it Pinterest?). I think this is a good message to bear with us this new year. Try to find peace in whatever comes in your way, because this is what Allah has chosen for you.

(Självklart vill jag passa på att göra lite reklam för mina posters som jag säljer där hela summan skänks till sadaqah. Kika in i shoppen, det finns fler posters.)

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