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Bismillah and alhamdulillah

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Salaam Aleikum,

These are two diy-garlands I made. I have “bismillah” in my kitchen above our dining table and “alhamdulillah för allt” (alhamdulillah for everything) in our hallway. It is really easy mashallah and it’s easy to change and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. I cut the letters out with a circle cutter 2,5″  / 63 mm to get a perfect round shape (my cutter is from Panduro). 

Some of you wrote some really nice comments about them on IG, than you <3,  and asked if I could send them to you. Well, I made a pdf for you to download and print them inshallah : )

1. Bismillah

2. Alhamdulillah för allt

3. Alhamdulillah for everything

If you don’t have a cutter you can cut the letters out with scissors, just remember to leave a bit of white paper as a border after the black circle inshallah.


Dockteater / Puppet theater

In my last post I showed you how to make your own puppet theater. Yes, the post was in Swedish but I hope you could follow along by looking at the pictures inshallah. I would just like to give you some ideas how and why to use a puppet theater.

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Firstly, when you set up a theater with your kids the will play different roles in the act. The play could be spontaneous or perhaps you decided a specific theme and characters. This is a perfect way to learn your kids about Islam or anything else important to them. Playing a role in a theater (or any other time when kids play) gives them a better understanding of the person they act as. Teaching children about the history of Islam or the biography of prophets is not always easy. Or any other aspect of the Muslim life, hajj for example is not easy for even adults to understand how it’s done. It will be easier for children to understand something from the past or future if you take that situation and let it happened here-and-now, as this make the “event” or person more graspable.  So let’s make a theater of it!

1. If you as a parent plan and organize the play or theater always let the children’s interests be the base. If they find it interesting and fun it will be easier to get them involved, you get the idea.

2. If you need guidance, pick a book or something else to guide you. I really like and recommend products and books from Learning Roots.

3. Decide theme, person or event. Prepare the children what you are going to do. Read or tell them about the subject and the story and then plan how you are going to do the play.

4.You might need to buy some materials or make them yourself. I made the theater from an cardboard box and the other material I already had at home, so this was a very cheap project. Dolls to the theater could be made out of toilet rolls and a round wooden / styrofoam ball (google “toilet roll people” and you will see what I mean).

5. Be creative! Yes, I know it’s hard to be creative if you don’t even know how to begin. Here is my tips to get started: Use something concrete to start the play or activity. It could be a puppet theater like ours or a smaller version made out of a shoe box. It can be a carpet or blanket you gather at, turn down the lights a bit to create a special feeling for the activity.

6. If the children are small you might have to play a BIG part in the theater, but the older they get it is easier for them to take full responsibility for the play.

7. AND, afterward try to talk the children about the play. What happened in the play? Who did what? Why did they do it? What did you like/dislike? What do you think they felt? Of course there are more topics to discuss but these are just examples to get you started.


If you have any more tips or ideas you are welcome to write a comment about it : )



DIY Dockteater / Puppet theater

För ett tag sedan fick vi denna enorma kartong. Tjock och stabil var den också, perfekt för ett pyssel projekt alhamdulillah. En liten dockteater fixades lite provisoriskt på några minuter. Sågade ut fönster och en liten dörr på baksidan, gardinerna hade redan färdigsydda kanaler så det var bara att hänga upp med ett snöre. Kanske inte så snyggt men det gick ju bra ändå ; )


Efter en massa lek och stoj i teatern hade den gått sönder på en del ställen. Partiet ovanför fönstret var nästan helt sönder. Jag började med att laga det värsta med silvertejp sedan byggde jag på med papier maché (hemgjort av socker, vatten och potatismjöl), vilket blir stenhårt när det väl torkat. Nu var den ännu fulare, så då åkte penseln och rollern fram. Jag och pojkarna målade på, tyvärr räckte inte färgen till taket eller dörren. Vi använde vanlig väggfärg, gick hur bra som helst mashallah.



Sen dog vårt lilla projekt ett tag, mycket att göra med annat och med hemmet. Men den stod där i barnens rum och stirrade på mig, haha. Dag ut och dag in. Alhamdulillah nu under lovet hade jag tid att fixa det sista, taket och lite skojiga dekorationer. Cirkus är temat, vilket känns passade till en teater. Taket klädde jag i glittrigt tyg jag köpt från Panudro. Jag använde bara limpistol för att fästa tyget. Partiet ovanför fönstret såg fortfarande inte så bra ut trots färgen så det täckte jag med kraftigt svart papper piffat med scallop-mönster. Till glitter-ränderna har jag använt ett självhäftande glitterpapper. Gulddraperier blev det också alhamdulillah. Är riktigt nöjd, den blev fin mashallah hoppas bara den håller ett tag till.







A heart at ease.


Finally quiet outside, the kids did not wake up alhamdulillah of all the noise. Yes, fireworks are beautiful but there are far more better ways to spend (or waste?) your money. A new year has begun and we have again left one more year behind us. I don’t make promises or any specific goals at the beginning of a new year, but it is a good reminder to think about the year that passed, what we did and did not do. What good deeds did I do? Which bad deeds did I do?

The quote for this poster is not from me originally, I saw it on IG (or was it Pinterest?). I think this is a good message to bear with us this new year. Try to find peace in whatever comes in your way, because this is what Allah has chosen for you.

(Självklart vill jag passa på att göra lite reklam för mina posters som jag säljer där hela summan skänks till sadaqah. Kika in i shoppen, det finns fler posters.)

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