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Would you like to accept a reward that Allah has sent you?


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Sometimes when you are walking down your path, going on with life, Allah Azza wa Jall will drop in front of you, just like that, it will just drop in front of you. An invitation to good. You didn’t ask for it. You didn’t work to get it. It just drops in front of you. And you are left with the option of accepting it or rejecting it. It’s an opportunity that Allah Azza wa Jall gives you. And if you don’t accept it, it might be presented to you again, but it is very likely that you will never ever have that chance again.

So the choice is yours to accept it or not to accept it. And these invitations to good come in different forms. And is a tawfeeq of Allah Azza wa Jall for you, it is a blessing if Allah Azza wa Jall presents you with such opportunity then accepts them and it is a wrath from Allah if you get all of these opportunities and you turn them down. Because when Allah Azza wa Jall sends good to you and you refuse it it’s worse than not getting it at all.


Brothers and Sisters,

Allah Azza wa Jall will present you will good, opportunity. See that, that’s what life is about, its opportunities. You need to grab that opportunity as soon as you can lay your hands on it. Don’t let it go! Because some of those moments will never come again. If you missed it once you missed it for life.

Sometimes, for example, to give you an example. Somebody would come to you and present you with a project and ask for a donation; Give for this project. You become agitated. These Muslims are asking for money all the time, so is asking for a masjid, somebody is asking for an orphanage, somebody is asking for widows, you are asking for this and that…. and you just are just asking us and we are having a fundraising fatigue. And you turn that offer down. And that particular project or opportunity could be one of those things that … most likely you’re never going to hear again.

So you turn that offer down, Allah Azza wa Jall sees that and Allah Azza wa Jall holds back from you some other good that was on its way. Why? Because you are a person who doesn’t deserve these opportunities. Allah says:

“And whoever changes Allah’s Favour after it had come to him, [e.g. renounces the Religion of Allah (Islam) and accepts Kufr (disbelief),] then surely, Allah is Severe in punishment.”

Baqarah 2:211

If Allah gives you a blessing and then you reject it and refuse it, the punishment of Allah Azza wa Jall is severe. Now the greatest blessing that Allah Azza wa Jall has given you is that He has made you Muslim. That’s the greatest. You are Muslim. Many people are taking that for granted and they are refusing this blessing that Allah gave them!


Allahu Akbar, you are turning down this offer that Allah gave you. He hands you this application, signed and ready that you are a member of the Ummah of Muhammad Sallallahu ‘alehi wa Sallam and you tear it and throw it in the bin. Just imagine the status of such a person will be on the Day of Judgement. One of the worst things is to be ungrateful. One of the worst things is when you are ungrateful for what Allah Azza wa Jall has given you. Allah Azza wa Jall has blessed you! You need to thank Allah day and night for the fact that He has made you Muslim!

– Extract from the lectures about Life of ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab by Imam Anwar al-Awlaki

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