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DIY Paper mosque lantern – Free printable!

IMG_0076 IMG_0065 Salaam Aleikum,

I hope your not tired of my Ramadan crafts yet ; ) Alhamdulillah this craft project turned out just like I pictured it, making those Ramadan nights even more beautiful. They are very easy to do and makes a perfect little gift to friends and family because they fit in an standard envelope alhamduillah.

What you will need:

Printed Mosque Lantern Pattern (download here)

Paper in A4 size (120-160 g or heavier)

Standard copy-paper (80 g) in 7,8 cm wide and 21 cm long.

A cutting mat

A bone folder

A  ruler

A craft knife /siccors

Glue stick

IMG_0043 IMG_0044

1. Print out the mosque lantern template twice (you will need one for the front and one for the back) 2. Put the ruler besides the dotted lines by the sides and press with the bone folder along the lines. This will make it easier to fold in the sides and create those sharp corners on the mosque. 3. Use your craft knife to cut out all windows and doors. 4. Now cut out the whole mosque by cutting away the thick gray lines. 5. Use your gluestick and glue on the mosque evenly (the same side). Now lay you copy-paper on and press carefully. 6. Cut away any access copy-paper 7. Glue or put the two paper mosques together and your done!

IMG_0045 IMG_0047 IMG_0053 IMG_0051

I didn’t cut out the windows and doors on the mosque being the backside. This is because I have mine placed to the wall, so you don’t see that side anyway. But if you will place the paper mosque lantern in the middle of a table, maybe for iftar or suhoor, then you can cut out the windows and doors on both sides. And remember to always be carefull when you light candles, never leave them unattended. The best way to be safe is to use a led-light inshallah.

IMG_0064 IMG_0073 IMG_0063



A month of loneliness


Salaam Aleikum,

Its been eight years now since began my journey as a believer. It was actually during Ramadan I felt that Islam was the true religion and my heart was open by Allah to believe in Him. Maybe two or three weeks after Ramadan 2006 I said my shahada alhamdulillah. Truly the gates of Paradise are open and the devils are locked up during this blessed month allowing more people see the beauty of Islam and the Greatness and how Merciful Allah is. If you would have asked me to become a Muslim 6 months before this time I would definitely said no. It was so far away from me, the idea to believe in a God. But alhamdulillah Allah guides whom He wills, never loose open on people becoming Muslims.

During my first Ramadan I was living in my own little apartment by myself. I was 21 years old. I was the only Muslim (what I know of at least) in the suburb where I lived. 99 % Swedes and other percent was me. Since I wore the niqab I didn’t really feel of being out much there, I went out when I had to or if was going away somewhere. Being a convert you are very dependent on your sisters and brothers since you have no Muslim family of your own and many of us loose our old friends when converting. Your social network is very vulnerable, many are in great need of Muslims who can help and be there for you like your own blood family.

I remember every invitation i went to during this Ramadan. Weird hu? But they really really meant everything to me. During Ramadan most of us say salaam to everything and everyone around us, shutting out the world to focus on our deen. What many of us forget is that we also shut out a lot of people. People like me during my first Ramadan. Converts and even some of those “born and raised as a Muslim” might spend their Ramadan in loneliness. Yes some time alone is definitely good for you, specially during Ramadan, to focus on worship. Muslims who are married, have children, other family members, close relatives or even Muslim neighbors usually prepare and / or break fast together. The alternative to break my fast and eat iftar in the mosque was not an option, iftar was late and I didn’t want to go out by myself late at night. In non-Muslim countries the mosque might also be very far away from your home.

I remember those invitations during Ramadan because the gave me so much happiness and comfort. Being alone during Ramadan is hard. The thought of that everybody else is with their family but me is really hard to tackle. I was depending on their desire to invite people (me) over for iftar, I felt embarrassed to invite myself. Because it is just that time around iftar which is the most difficult time being alone. I know this will sound pathetic, but during this time Paltalk was very popular. So what I did every evening before and after iftar was to enter an islamic room and just listen. I didn’t participate in any debate or wrote comments, I just wanted to hear Muslims. Talking about Islam, their day, making dawah or talking about what they had to eat after maghrib.

Why I am telling you this is because there are many Muslims who will, just like I did in 2007, go through this blessed month in total loneliness. I ask you to think about your brothers or your sisters this Ramadan. Not only our own goals of this and that. Ramadan should be a month of activity, this should really be the month when we truly get to experience the feeling of brotherhood and not loneliness. If you know of somebody without family ask them over for iftar. Iftar is late? Let them sleep over. Take care of your Muslim brothers and sisters, everyone of us should love for others what we love for ourselves. Arrange something special for this group of Muslims, maybe an collective iftar at someones home or in the mosque. This is the time during Ramadan but Eid is also one of those times many converts are alone, spending their Eid all alone. Make an Eid breakfast or brunch for converters after the prayer or why not an Eid party where everyone is welcome of course.

Don’t forget us.

Ramadan starts on Sunday June 29!


Salaam Aleikum,

Soon we will welcome Ramadan 2014 alhamduillah. Ramadan Mubarak to you all!

Planing ahead for Eid this year



Last year our Eid preparation ended with stress and late nights. So this year I’m all about planing ahead. Went this week to buy the things we need and the toys were bought online, usually I just buy them in a stress one or two days before Eid. I have a theme in mind and I will be making some crafts for it. Hope to show you what were will be up to on Eid later on inshaallah.

Ramadan calendar ideas and free printable tags!

IMG_7869 IMG_8104

IMG_8102 IMG_8088

Giving you some glimpses of my first sale of Ramadan Calendars in 2013 : ) Long time ago and now a new Ramadan is soon again coming alhamdulillah. I have thought of some ideas of what to put in the calendars and also I have made two different tag designs for the calendars plus separate tags for adults.

1. Print tags and write different activities on them. Plan or think of these activities ahead. You know your child’s interests and level of understanding, so try to plan according to them.

2. Try to be well prepared for every activity

3. Be realistic, you are still fasting so even if the kids are up for 100 different activities, make/plan activities which doesn’tt make you totally exhausted.

4. Feeling really tired or you planed an outdoor activity, switch cards with another day. Always have some spare cards with an easy and simple activity.


5. Filling the pockets with small gifts. I will have little gifts in mine, the kids will have one each every third or fourth day. I got a tip from another sister to buy these Christmas advent calendars and use these little toys as gifts in the calendar instead (Härifrån köpte jag mitt packet med små Mumin figurer). The toys in the red case is a flea market finds with all those small toys, most of them are from Kinder eggs. If your child is interested in painting and crafts fill pockets with color pencils, cute erasers etc. Or buy a big pack of Lego and divide up all the pieces to the pockets.

6. Candy in the pockets on Fridays : )

7. Other eatable things might be dried fruits like raisins, apricot, figs etc



Tags3 download


Tags4 download

8. Ramadan Calendar tags free printable! Cut out with succors or an xacto knife, punch through a small hole in the colored circle and put a ribbon or string through it. If you prefer having more of a specific tag, among the ones for children, just print out that specific page and not all pages.


Ramadan printables – Ramadan Mubarak Floral Garland


Salaam Aleikum,

Finally done and ready for you to decorate your home with! Simply download the pdf-file, cut out the circles (either by hand or using a paper punch in 3″ / 8 cm wide), punch out or cut out those small holes at the top and put a ribbon or string through the holes. Very easy Ramadan craft yet so elegant and beautiful alhamdulillah.

IMG_0038 IMG_0055
Other freebies with Ramadan Calendar tags for both children and adults are  also soon to be uploaded on the page inshallah : )

Please click the Download image below and you will see a PDF document with the Ramadan Floral Garland : )




Preparing Ramadan & Eid freebies



Soon ready for you to download <3

Ramadan crafts and activities for children.

IMG_8075 IMG_7936

Salaam Aleikum my dear friends,

Ramadan is soon here alhamdulillah! This blessed month we wait for all year long. I noticed during my years as a Muslim (soon 8 years alhamdulillah) when you become a parent you long for Ramadan also because it gives you a kick to start all those Islamic activities you been wanting to do with your children. This Ramadan my children have reached an age when they can understand some parts of it. And even if they can’t understand everything I feel it’s important to give them a special and warm feeling for this month. A month full with Qur’an, activities, ibadah, crafts and family time.


I love my Ramadan calendar mashallah. The reason is that it works as a tool for me to plan ahead and also getting the kids ready for an activity. I will put 30 little tags with different pictures on and on every tag I will write an activity. Some pockets will have a little present or candy (candy on Fridays). The kids will have to wait for the present, until Dhohr or Asr, teaching them patience just like we are taught it. Older kids, who might also be fasting, could perhaps wait until Maghrib to open the present. Anyway, I have thought of some activities to do with your children during Ramadan. You might have to adjust some of them to fit your own child’s interest’s and age.  I’ve organized them under different themes, here they are:


1. Mosque

Visit a mosque, or several mosques or a new one (you haven’t visited)

Talk about how to behave in the mosque

Donate dates to your lokal mosque

Break the fast in the mosque

Mosque history (find information about the first mosques in Islam)

Read, paint and talk about famous mosques from around the world (I love this page! Beautiful pictures and it is easy to search for mosques in a specific county or city:


2. Prayer

Go to your local mosque for a prayer

Make a prayerbook with your own pictures!

Go to jumuah

Pray all 5 prayers in the mosque

Talk about different prayers

Try to offer them (night prayer, duha, if it rains, itikhara etc)

Talk about the history of prayer/praying

The Isra and Mi’raj

Go to the mosque for taraweeh or night prayer


3. Neighbours

Visit a neighbor

Give your neighbor a gift

Invite your neighbor/s to iftar (talk about reward for offering someone iftar)

Talk about the rights of your neighbors


4. Family

Write a letter to a family member (small children can send a painting or a picture)

Talk about behavior towards family members (rights of the parent, the children and relatives)

Talk about each and everyone’s’ role in a Muslim family

Make something or perhaps do something nice to someone in your family

Buy eid gifts to family members and wrap them up real pretty 🙂


5. Zakah and Sadaqah

Make a jar for sadaqah

Pick out a charity organization and make a donation as a family

Make a garage sale / flea market and donate the money to charity

Talk about why we give sadaqah (reward and solidarity)

Zakat, why we give it, how much and when (make a role play of it with younger kids)


6. Friends (brother & sisterhood in Islam)

Visit a friend or invite a friend over

Talk about the history of brotherhood in Islam (Ansar & Muhajirun)

Make a role-play or theater of the relationship between Ansar and Muhajirun

Talk about / read about a sahabi or sahabiyat

IMG_7934 IMG_7933

7. Cleaning and household tasks

Help mom / dad with….

Cleaning tasks (perhaps on Thursdays to have a clean home on Fridays)

Talk about reward for helping others

Help prepare food for iftar and/or suhoor


8. Baking

Bake something sweet to iftar

Bake something for neighbors

Bake something to a friend / family member / relative

Make Eid cookies


9. Iftar

Prepare dates for iftar (maybe the younger kids can have their own “mini iftar”, a little earlier during the day. Make it really cozy and beautiful, light candels, set the table and let them break fast with their own dates, have a beautiful dinner served by their parents) 😉

Make different tasty fillings for dates (there is many to try! Just google it and you will see what I mean)

Place dates in a box, wrap it yourself and give away as a gift to someone

Plan an iftar meny for the whole family


10. General Ramadan crafts

Make a mosque in papier mache

Make a mosque out of a box and toilettrolls, cover with paper (glue it on). This craft is less messy than the one above.

Make a landscape in papier mache (what are your kids interested in? Last year I did a mini model of the land and environment of Saudi Arabia and placed a mini kaba in the middle and laid out some animals who live/exist in Saudi. But perhaps your child is very interested in a specifik event, like Badr, then make it. Study togheter in books or online, search for pictures and then make a model of it)

Watch an Islamic movie / cartoon togheter

Sing Islamic nasheeds

Lay a puzzle (I recommend the puzzles from Learing Roots, very affordable and so beautifully made)

Make a mosque in a shoebox (like the picture above)

Make a du’aa jar (decorate a jar, fill it with notes of your du’aas)

Buy an Islamic game and play it together!

If your children are younger, play any game they like. The purpose is to do the activity together.

Good deed tree (paint a tree or make one with styrofoam ball, add a flower to it when your child does a good deed. Remember, a good deed could be just a smile 🙂 Talk about what is a good deed and what is a bad deed. Use pictures with younger children)

Search Google and Pinterest for many great ideas of Ramadan crafts!


IMG_8089 IMG_8108

11. Islam / History 

Ramadan and it’s history

Islams five pillars (Lots of craft ideas here)

Talk about great battles in Islam (make a collage about it)

Allahs Names and Attributes (make your own tree in paper, create leaves with Allahs Name on each. Put one up after you talked about it and so on)

Famous buildings or universities

Allahs creations (go out in the nature, see the beauty and perfection of everything Allah created. Make a collage about it. Or bring something of it home like flowers, stones, pine cones and make a craft with them.

Talk about a male or female role modell (from the prophets (and theirs wives), other “famous” belivers, Prophet Muhammad, who is our best role model)

Read about the person you are named after (if your child is named after a specific person in Islams history)

Draw your own map over different locations (Mekkah, Medinah, the route of Prophets hijrah to Medinah etc)

Read a surah your child has memorized and talk about what the surah is about when it was revealed.

Listen to different reciters of the Quran (different ways it is recited in or reciters from different countries)


12. Eid and crafts

Make a Eid garland with letters

Make a gingerbread mosque

Make Eid cards to friends, family and neighbors

Take an Eid picture and send it to relatives

Make Eid cookies or cake

Make Eid decorations (Click here for some ideas)

Talk about rules regarding Eid (make them in pictures for younger children)



If you have any suggestions or an activity you did with your children, please share with us and I will put it up in the list inshallah 🙂




Ramadan Calendars 2014

IMG_9976   IMG_9987

So they are finally here! Just as Ramadan is soon here, may Allah let us experience this years Ramadan. This Ramadan Calendar-project started already in November by preparing fabrics, cutting and ironing all those pockets. This year the calendars are more exclusive than last years, more details and some changes in the design how to hang it. The price also went up to 1000 Swedish kronor. It might sound much, but I ask you to keep in mind that every single penny of these money is going to be sadaqah for you. All the money will be donated to an charity organisation which helps families and children in Syria. 

IMG_9993 IMG_9996

Some information for those of you interested in buying a calendar:

Detta år kommer jag sälja 9 st kalendrar online här på Sweet Fajr. Det kommer auktioneras ut ytterligare 3 st kalendrar om du nu skulle missa att köpa en här (auktionen kommer enbart att vara för personer i Sverige). Allt ni köper i affären är fraktfritt UTOM kalendrarna, var god välj “frakt inom Sverige” vid kassan. Om ni har några frågor ang kalendrarna är ni välkomna att kommentera här eller skicka mig ett mejl


This year I will be selling 9 calendars here in Sweet Fajr shop. I ask you to please choose in the “kassa”  (chekout) if the calendar is shipped within Sweden, EU or elsewhere. Since the shop is in Swedish please email me if you don’t understand something or have any problems with your order. You can also comment or email me if you have any question about the calendars at


IMG_0002 IMG_0015
IMG_9981 IMG_0010 IMG_9975

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