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Preparing some crafts, gifts or cakes for Eid? Free printable Eid gift tags and cake toppers <3

blog4 Salaam Aleikum,

Here they finally are: Eid cake toppers, Islamic stars template and Eid gift tags! The cake toppers have an unusual mosque topper 🙂 I have seen so many make cute cute little mosques in marzipan or sugarpaste to top their cupcakes or cakes BUT I don’t have the time to make a marzipan mosque this Eid. So I came up with the idea to make a cake topper mosque in paper 🙂

Once you cut out all the cake toppers, glue them (not the mosques) to sticks, paper straws or toothpicks and stick them in your cake. The mosques are done a bit different. You cut them out (you can choose to keep the minarets or cut them of) and then you place a piece of tape at the bottom of the mosque, this will prevent the paper to become moist or damaged when you place it on your cake. Glue the end together and your mosque is done 🙂

You will find all the templates to download at the end of this post 🙂




IMG_1704 Eid Gift Tags in different shapes and with different decor 🙂 Cut them out with scissors or x-acto knife and punch out the hole at the top. The gift tag is now ready to hang on to your Eid gifts <3
01c963367f3f624c968449067fd3cf1361cbfba3d3 Islamic Stars Template: This is a template with the Islamic star in 4 different sizes. You can use the template to make a garland or a paper mobile for Eid <3 Just print them out on some beautiful paper or on whitepaper if you want to decorate them yourself.


Eid Cake Toppers - Sweet Fajr


Eid Decor Islamic Stars - Sweet Fajr


Eid Gift Tags - Sweet Fajr





Eid crafts! DIY Eid Mubarak Ribbon Banner – Free Printable!

0133a5a15196e12ae7bf435718b81c2f99fa3aec9b Salaam Aleikum,

This is a really fun DIY Eid craft and it will look so beautiful to decorate with during Eid <3 The best part is that you can color it just as you like and it is not difficult to make, just take your time to make it. There are still time to make this for Eid! 🙂

I see these ribbon banners all the time on Pinterest, so I tried to make one on my own. But when I was finished with it (I use Adobe Indesign and Illustrator to make most of my templates) I thought of making a giant version of it! So I started working on a template and alhamdulillah it worked fine to make it big and in cardboard. Enough talk 😉 scroll down for the instructions and FREE printable template to make this Eid Mubarak Ribbon Garland <3



IMG_1684 You need:

Eid Mubarak Ribbon Garland Template (download the template at the end of this post)



Sciccors and x-acto knife (hobbykniv)

Paint, paper or fabric (anything beautiful you want to cover the cardboard with)

Cardstock Paper (for the flowers, leaves and Eid Mubarak-letters)


Ribbon or string

01410d11f11ec48ad1710908cec73ef5d2b40ac6b9 How to make it:

1. Start by cutting out all pieces from the template. Put together FRONT 1, 2 and 3 with tape. Do the same with  UPPER RIBBON 1 and 2.

2. Lay the template pieces on your cardboard and draw them on the cardboard. Use scissors or x-actoknife to cut out all pieces from the cardboard. Now you should have five pieces of cardboard to create the ribbon base.

010d2a49715fddaf6ff5e558e0790793b48b61e78b 3. Paint your cardboard pieces (or cover them with some other paper or fabric)

4. Trace the flowers, leaves and Eid Mubarak letters on heavy cardstock paper. You don’t need to trace the letters on heavy cardstock, it is mostly the flowers and leaves which needs to be cut out in heavy cardstock to be strong and stable. Cover the backside of the flowers with paper in another color, it will show through the openings you can cut out (this is voluntary, if you don’t want to cut out all those little openings just draw of the outlines of the flowers).

5. Put togheter the cardboard pieces (I used my glue gun for this)

6. Glue on the flowers, leaves and letters. Lay them out first, before you glue them on, so you know how and where you want them to be.

7. Glue on a ribbon or string on the back depending on how you want it to hang. All done!


Eid Mubarak Garland – Free Printable <3

Eid Garland Salaam Aleikum,

I thought it would be nice to start the Eid Freebies with the “Eid Mubarak” garlands, all with a floral theme. It is the same design as for the “Ramadan Mubarak” garlands only this time they are for Eid 😉

So by now you already know what to do 🙂 Cut out the circles, punch little holes at the top and pull a ribbon or string through the holes and you’re done!


Eid Mubarak Garland (black) - Sweet Fajr


Eid Mubarak Garland (blue) - Sweet Fajr


Eid Mubarak Garland (pink) - Sweet Fajr




The days of Ramadan are coming to an end.


Salaam Aleikum,

It’s the same story every year, suddenly you realize it is only a few days left of this blessed month. It is time to both fill these last days with ibada and prepare for Eid. It is subhanallah a sad and happy time. Sad beacuse you know Ramadan will be over but happy for the blessing to once again experienced it and will now celebrate Eid! inshallah 🙂

I have prepared some Eid craft templates for you! 🙂 Different kinds of “Eid Mubarak” garlands, cake toppers, gift tags, islamic star templates, party hats and an “Eid Mubarak” poster <3 Here is a little preview 😉

IMG_1695 IMG_1696 IMG_1686 IMG_1690 IMG_1692

DIY Islamic concrete candle holders – The perfect Ramadan craft or Eid gift, mosques, stars and moon! (Free template to download)


Salaam Aleikum,

During this term at the uni I took a course about children development. Among the books we read was about how to be creative with kids and they also said that concrete is one material children in preschool rarely have the chance to become acquainted with. This is because concrete is usually a material most women don’t use themselves (I guess this book was written long before the concrete-trend in the blog world 😉 ). Anyway, it inspired me to plan an activity with the kids for this Ramadan involving concrete. And it was truly a hit!

We were a group who made this together with a total number of 6 children between the ages 4 and 8 making concrete mosques, stars and moon 🙂 This is a fun craft to make in the beginning of Ramadan (then you can have beautiful candle holders during Ramadan) or in the end of Ramadan (to make easy and cheap Eid gifts). Yes, this is a very cheap craft if you use the concrete from hardware stores ( i Sverige ligger priset på runt 30-50 kr på en 25-kg påse).

Bismillah, lets do this 🙂 First you will need:

Concrete mix (använd finbetong, jag använde mig av märket Finja. Det finns att köpa i de flesta byggvaruhus)

A bucket and a spade to mix the concrete with

Gloves (concrete makes your skin dry)

Plastic spoons

Milk cartons

Masking tape


Some kind of transparent plastic film or paper

Printed Islamic concrete templates (download the free template at the bottom of the post)

Liquid rubber or latex milk (latexmjölk eller formlatex) BUT, this is not necessary if you blend the concrete thick and not runny.

A brush for the latex

Candle holders. Also not necessary, but it definitely looks more nice with them but you could easily just put in a candle in the mold to make the hole.

Sandpaper or sharp knife’

Felt feet


1. Start by cutting you milk cartoons in stripes. Don’t make them to thin depending on how thick you want your concrete candle holder to be.

2. Print your template and place your transparent film or paper above it.

3. Start tracing your template with the milk cartoons. Always use the waxed side of the cartoon to the inside of the mold. Outside out and inside in. This step will take some time. The stars are easier to begin with since they only consists of square edges (and no round-like shapes which the dome of the mosques are). Put the carton along the lines and secure them to the paper with masking tape. Use a lot of tape to secure it, don’t leave any gaps!

4. Mosques: If you are making a mosque you need to trace and cut out the hole for the candle. Trace the candle holder and tape it to the mold. Be sure here there are no gaps and that the candle holder is “inside” the mold, the edges should NOT be outside the mold. If the edges are outside the mold the candle holder will stick up from the concrete when you take it out of the mold. You want the candle holders to be invisible when you look at it from the front. AND, use a lot of tape to secure the bottom of the mosques. The mold will bend a bit when you put the concrete in and this might make the bottom skewed if you don’t tape enough.

5. Last step is to brush the latex milk in the shape. Wash the brush immediately afterwards, otherwise it will leave latex pieces in the brush which are very hard to remove. Leave to dry.






IMG_1550 IMG_1551

6. Mix the concrete according to the directions on the package. Start by putting a couple inches of water in the bottom of my bucket, then pour in the concrete mix. (Om du använder dig av Finjas finbetong blandar du 1,5 dl vatten per 1 kg betong. Du kan ha i lite mer vatten i mixen)

7. Scoop the concrete out and fill a thin layer in the bottom with the plastic spoon. Press the concrete down and make it a tight layer, with the spoon or your hand. And then it’s time to shake. Shake the mold by grabbing the paper and shake it back and forth. Then pick it up (just lift in the corners on one side) and tape it or hit it back down again on the table. The shaking and the hitting helps you get all those air bubbles out of the concrete. Shaking the mold also makes the surface really nice and smooth, always finish by shaking it a bit. (You can see the difference in the picture below, before and after I shook the mold).

8. Continue filling the mold til your satisfaction. If you are making a star or moon you need to fill the mold so much so that a candle holder will fit. Push them in gently, shake a bit, push them in more (if you need) and then shake. Use pebbles, money or marbles as weights to keep the candle holders down. They might float up a bit otherwise.






IMG_1563 9. Now it’s time for the fun part, or not 😉 The part when you need to wait for the concrete to fully set and dry. I waited one day before I removed the shape, but I believe it was completely dry after two days. You will probably need to sandpaper some sharp edges (you can use a knife also). BUT, if you have made the mosques it is a good idea to take them out of the molds after one day and test if it can stand straight. Otherwise you might need to sandpaper the bottom to make it straight.

Here is a good example of the difference between shaking the mold during the filling and not. Many little air bubbles…










10. Time to decorate! I used mostly paint from Martha Stewart, I love those in metallic, pearl and glitter! I used a gold art metallic paint (using gold leafs would look so beautiful on these mashallah but I wanted something kiddo-friendly). The other shimmering colors are from Martha’s Pearl Acrylic Craft Paint series (den stora burken med turkos skimmerfärg är dock från Panduro).

It might be a good idea to place felt feet under the stars and moon. The concrete can be a bit rough and make scratches on your table.

IMG_1606 IMG_1608 IMG_1584 IMG_1582 IMG_1583 IMG_1610 IMG_1586















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