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Sweet Fajr Mosque City – Free template!

IMG_1807 Salaam Aleikum,

Its been a while since I updated the blog, but now I’m back! Many of you know we were blessed with a baby girl on EID, yes on Eid morning alhamdulillah. Definitely an Eid we will never forget inshallah 😉 And if you didn’t know about this until now you can perhaps understand why I haven’t updated the blog in a while.

Eid al Adhah is just around the corner and we have already started decorating at home. I made this Mosque City and put it up in the kitchen, mashallah it really gives such a cool and dramatic style to it. I made this city in cardboard (very very thin cardboard) but you can easily make it regular paper and put up against the window. Mine is stable enough to stand up (with support from small cardboard pieces), this enables me to have a string light behind it. I used gold glitter tape to decorate Kaba in the middle.




Some tips or ideas:

Cut out the template, put them together and trace the outlines on the cardboard or paper and cut out again. I used spray paint to color our mosque city but it is up to you how you like it. All black or one color for every mosque, decorate them with glitter, washi tape or whatever you like 😉 I used tape to put the “city” (cardboard pieces) together.  Behind the doors (there are little windows in the template if you want that) I used vellum paper, if you can’t find vellum you can use tissue paper.







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