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Some of you asked about the purpose of a Ramadan calendar. The first one I made for Ramadan 2012 for my own children. As a mother I felt a bit lost how to make Ramadan feel special for the children. I wanted to have some kind of daily islamic activity for them but I found it hard to how and when (finding a good time) to begin the activity. So the idea of a calendar came up. These are some ideas how to use it:

Prepare 30 notes with 30 different subjects or activity themes for the children and put one not in every pocket. A subject could be for example the word “mosque” and then it is up to you as a parent to make a plan what to do. You could visit a mosque, paint a mosque at home, build a mosque with papier maché, read about mosques and so on. Of course you choose the activity which suits the age and interests of your child/children.


On special days, like Fridays, you can put some special things in the pocket: dates, candy, raisins, a small toy or whatever your child likes.

Choose a time to start and stick to that time as much as you can. I recommend to choose a time close to a prayer time, for example after dhohr prayer you and the children gather around the calendar to see whats inside the pocket. If you have sweets in the calendar, don’t let the children open the pocket in the morning. Ramadan is the month of fasting and patience. Learn your kids to have patience and let them wait, maybe until ‘asr or maghrib prayer, before you let them open the pocket and see what’s inside. This teaches them to have patience and wait for the sweets, just like us adults who fasts.

If you want to have the calendar for yourself you can put cards with different hadith, ayaat, reminders or some special task to do (example read one page of Quran, memorize one hadith and so on). Last year I also made a card template with ayaat from Quran and some hadith.

Suggestions for different themes and what to talk about them or have an activity:

Neighbors: How to treat you neighbors, go and visit a neighbor or give a gift to a neighbor.
Adhan: When do you call the adhan, what do you say when you make adhan, listen to adhan from different countries, go to the mosque and litsen live.
Paradise: How does it look in Paradise, what things are there, what do you wish for to have in Paradise, which people will come to Paradise.


Förra året gjorde jag aktivitetskort med olika rubriker/teman till Ramadan kalendern. Korten var tänkta att fungera som ett hjälpmedel till dig som förälder att börja prata och utföra aktiviteter som anknyter till Islam tillsammans med ert barn.

Varje rubrik kan både vara ett ämne du och ditt barn pratar om eller att ni gör någonting praktiskt som anknyter till rubriken. Du som förälder avgör vad exakt ni ska göra eller prata om i enlighet med barnens förståelse, ålder och intresse.


Lite tips och inspiration:

Tungan – Varför man ska tänka på vad man säger och varför man ska säga goda saker, öva på att bara säga snälla och goda saker.
Grannar – Hur behandlar man sina grannar, hälsa på din granne, ge en gåva till en granne.
Adhan – När ropar man adhan, vad säger man exakt, lyssna på adhan från olika länder, prova själv att säga adhan, åk till mosken och lyssna live.
Paradiset – Hur ser det ut i paradiset, vad är det som finns där, vad önskar du dig i paradiset, vilka är det som finns där.
Profeter – Hur blir man en profet, läs och prata om en profet, bygg eller rita staden som en profet kom till.

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    Adorable mashaAllah. Absolutely love it.

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    Mashalla I love but how u male it

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