Date truffles and free download Ramadan Mubarak gift tags


Salaam Aleikum,

Second day of Ramadan has arrived alhamdulillah. I have planed different activities with the kids during Ramadan, some small tasks (new one every day) and other bigger projects which will continue for several days inshallah. This was our project for the second day, Date Truffles! I have planned to make these for several years but never got around to do it. Now I don’t understand why because they were so easy to make alhamdulillah. 

Here is the recipe for Date Truffles (about 30-40 balls depending which size you make):

500 g dates

40-50 g butter

2 tbsp cocoa powder

(1 tbsp cinnamon powder, if you like it)

1 tsp vanilla essence

Pick out all the seeds (my kids also did this together with me, if you do the same make sure that there are no seeds in the mix before you blend it!). Mix the dates with all ingredients, start by cutting the dates with a scissor (if you don’t have a powerful blender like me 😉 ) and then mix the dates with a blender. Mix through the paste with your hands to make sure it’s  smooth and nice. Shape round balls and coat them in cacao powder.

Put the truffles in a cellophane bag or a cute box, decorate the bag with a ribbon and a Ramadan Mubarak tag. Give them to family, neighbors or friends inshallah : ) Bismillah!

You find the pdf for the Ramadan Mubarak tags at the bottom of the post 🙂



Ramadan countdown – Free download calendar

Bild1 Salaam Aleikum,

Now I have finally finished these Ramadan countdown (to Eid!) calendars alhamdulillah. They come i three different languages; English, Arabic and Swedish : ) There are two different color themes, pink-orange or blue-teal. Just print it out and put it up with some tape (looks even better if you have some colorful washi tape at home) and start the counting 😉


English – Ramadan Countdown (blue teal)

English – Ramadan Countdown (pink orange)


Arabic – Ramadan Countdown (blue teal)

Arabic – Ramadan Countdown (pink orange)


Svenska – Nedräkning till Eid (blå turkos)

Svenska – Nedräkning till Eid (rosa orange)




Ramadan crafts! Free printable Ramadan Mubarak Garlands


Salaam Aleikum,

Alhamdulillah Ramadan is closing in, may Allah let us experience this blessed month! I have worked on some Ramadan freebies for you and I’m so happy to finally put them up here on the blog. First up is three different sets of Ramadan Mubarak Garlands. They come in different colors but the theme is still flowers : )



I will find the .pdf templates at the bottom of this post inshallah. Cut out the circles (either by hand or using a paper punch in 3″ / 8 cm wide), punch out or cut out those small holes at the top and put a ribbon or string through the holes. Ramadan Mubarak dear sisters and brothers! <3


Ramadan Mubarak garland 2015 3



Ramadan Mubarak garland 2015 1


Ramadan Mubarak garland 2015 2




DIY decorations and crafts for Eid – A little craft update :)


Salaam Aleikum,

Its been a while for me to write something in here and yes it has been a busy year for me. We had a short but wonderful trip to Malaysia last year, when I came home I got my hands full with kids, school, home and everything else in life. And lets face it, I’m not really a blogger : ) I post a lot on IG but here I’ve been very lazy making updates. My school is finally over for this term and summer is here, well, at least my summer vacation ; ) Ramadan is also around the corner, alhamdulillah! So this little update will come just in time, I didn’t have any time to write something about our Eid party for Eid al Adha… last year! Time really flies away so fast subhanallah. Here comes some pictures and descriptions on the DIY’s made for the party : )


This was our table setting, we had India as a theme for the party. Both the decorations and food menu was inspired by India. We used paper plates, paper cloth in gold and the napkin holders are made from toilet paper rolls (spray painted and decorated with glitter). Most of the table decorations are paper flowers, spray painted glass bottles and candle holders we brought from home.




Tables we arranged for the food and “fika”. DIY giant paper flowers made from napkins, tissuepaper, paper pin wheels and gold foil paper. We covered the tables with fabrics and wallpaper samples.



A DIY pinata for the sisters, filled with a gift and lots of lots of confetti ; )


Our DIY photobooth! This was so much fun, I can really recommend you make this for your Eid party ; ) The picture below was our backdrop.










DIY soda can lanterns! We hung these in the ceiling above the dining tables. The are cut up, spray painted and then covered with glitter.



The point of this post is to show you it is possible to make a beautiful Eid party without wasting to much money on it. We had a small budget and most of the things we made ourselves alhamdulillah. It may be more work for you but if you like crafting and recycling (like me 😉 ) you will probably like this way more that spending a lot of money buying “already finished” decorations.


The blog is up and Eid Mubarak!


Salaam Aleikum,

Alhamdulillah, the page is up in just the right time. Many of you have had problems with downloading the files from the Eid package, I really recommend you save those files on your computer if something like this happens again inshallah.

And… Eid Mubarak to all of you! : )

An ocean trip


Salaam Aleikum,

We made a really nice little trip to an small island, Bohus Malmön. I really love this place and everything about it. If you live in Sweden you should really pay it a visit. We went there during the last days of August and alhamdulillah all tourists were gone, there are A LOT of tourists there during the summer months. The nature and landscape of Sweden, I cant really think of anything more beautiful mashallah.

IMG_0827 IMG_0831 IMG_0838 IMG_0847 IMG_0853 IMG_0855 IMG_0865 IMG_0872 IMG_0890 IMG_0892 IMG_0914 IMG_0921

DIY Soda Can Flowers


Salaam Aleikum,

I got a little obsessed making these flowers the other day. It’s the colors that makes me in love with these little flowers. It is so easy so make them and I colored them with spray paint (which takes about 1 min to color them). I haven’t decided yet how to hang them or where but they are going to be put up outside. Living in Sweden when most of the year is dark and cold I really love the idea of putting these up on trees, giving our neighborhood some color.

IMG_0690 IMG_0691 IMG_0692 IMG_0689

Here is a tutorial for how to make these colorful soda can / pop can flowers.

You’ll need:

Soda Cans (MANY, if you get obsessed by them like I did 😉 )

Exacto knife or scissors

Protective gloves

IMG_0687 1. Cut of the top with either the knife or scissor.  Use gloves! These babies are very sharp. I didn’t use gloves for the other 10 or so flowers before I made this tutorial and my fingers are not happy with me. So use gloves, even if you don’t have matching ones like I haha.

2. Cut stripes or petals depending on what kind of flower you want to make.

3. Press down the stripes/petals. I use the small scissor to make small changes like the shape of the ends of the stripes. Bend them a little bit with your hands to get that curved flower look.

4. Use spray paint or any other paint suitable for painting on metal.

IMG_0693 IMG_0694 IMG_0695 IMG_0696 IMG_0698 IMG_0699 IMG_0700 IMG_0702 IMG_0704 IMG_0706 IMG_0707

Time for some fun painting! I really recommend using spray paint for these flowers. It goes fast, the pain dries fast and it is easy to make beautiful ombre patterns.

IMG_0710 IMG_0711 IMG_0713 IMG_0715 IMG_0717 IMG_0716 IMG_0719



An Eid party in the DIY spirit


Salaam Aleikum,

Alhamdulillah feels I just woke up from my Eid-coma (!). This Eid really took all energy out from me, after a long hot but still so beautiful Ramadan, so I’ve a bit late posting this post about our Eid party.

Eid is all about the kids right? But this Eid party was all about the us ; ) Only sisters and no children, except little babies though. Don’t worry, we had an Eid Picknick for the kids (with costume theme!) the day before alhamdulillah. I’ll see if I can put up some pictures from that day inshaallah.

All decorations to our Eid party was fixed and arranged by ourselves. We didn’t have a big budget on decorations so it was time to roll up my sleeves. Some spray paint, paper, a paper punch with heart shape, fabrics in pink, gold and mint, paper flowers, wallpaper, glass bottles, balloons, wood box, disco ball (oohyeah) was some of the thing used to make this Eid party look stunning.

I’m all about reusing and remaking things for these kind of activities we sisters do. Eid is out big celebration day(s) alhamdulillah and it’s nice to once in a while make a really really beautiful Eid party WITHOUT spending or wasting to much money on it. What a waste! Surely we can use that kind of money to something more beneficial. As you can se, many thing we used for this party were made from recycled thing or thing we already had at home. The only new thing (decorations) we bought to this party was basically the pink paper plates, glasses, tea lights and balloons. There is always someone who have that at home you can borrow for this, and someone else has that at home which you can use for this or that. And there are always some sisters who can make or remake things for decorations and etc. You get the idea I think ; )


Gold fabric as table cloth and above the table is my Eid fabric banner. This DIY banner is the best Eid craft so far! So easy! Anyone, and I mean really anyone, could make this. I don’t have a tutorial for you now but it works really basic. Take a long rope/string (something which is a bit stronger or thicker than regular string) and tie bands of fabric, ribbon and pom pom fringes to it (actually the pompom fringes I glued on). I made this one in about 1 hour or less!


Gold sprayed glass bottles (old juice bottles) with fake (plastic) flowers. Table is set with a simple paper cloth, a piece of wallpaper as decoration, doilies and brass candlesticks.

IMG_0607 IMG_0575 IMG_0592 IMG_0588

For most of our dishes and cakes we had these small paper signs with the name for everything. Many times people are not sure what is this food or what is that cake, so this is a really good thing when one is serving a buffet.


A little bit blurry, sorry for that. Gold glitter Eid sign in silver frame.

IMG_0595 IMG_0608 IMG_0593

Gold sprayed tin cans as lanterns and many DIY paper roses as decorations.  IMG_0606

The picture does not really give this DIY its full credit. We did’nt have time to take pictures before sisters started arriving at the party sooo we tried to take photos of the party during the evening (without any sister getting in the photo). We had about 12-15 of these long heart-strings hanging from the ceiling above our dining tables.


Last but not least. Our dessert table. Yummie! DIY cake stands and cake toppers with the text “Eid Mubarak”.


Chocolate Fudge Cake

IMG_0317 (2)

Salaam Aleikum,

Finally, the recipe for the Chocolate Fudge Cake. This is one of my top 5 favorite chocolate cakes, mashallah. To make it to the top 5 it needs to be absolutely delicious AND easy to make, which this one is : ) It’s also perfect to make the day before serving.

Chocolate Fudge Cake:

150 g butter
2 egg
2 dl sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon coffee, cold and strong : )
1,5 dl  flour
½ dl  cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder

1,5 dl whipping cream
1,5 dl of sugar
2 tbsp golden syrup (light syrup)
100 g of 70 % dark chocolate
75 g soft butter

Melt the butter and let it cool. Whisk together eggs, sugar and the vanilla. Add the coffee. Mix the flour, cocoa and baking powder in another bowl. Mix the dry ingredients with the eggs and sugar. Stir in the melted butter. Bake in a greased tin 24 cm diameter (I always use baking paper in the bottom)  in 175 degrees in the middle of the oven for 20 minutes. It will be quite loose. Let the cake cool in the tin.

Mix the cream, sugar, syrup and chocolate in a saucepan. Let it boil while stirring for about 5 minutes to make it thick and glossy. Remove the pan from the plate and stir in the butter. Pour the fudge on top of  the chocolate cake bottom and let the cake cool. Sprinkle cocoa before serving or decorate it with gold sprinkles. Serve with softly whipped cream.


A Pirate-Eid

IMG_0457 (2)

Salaam Aleikum,

I hop you all had a lovely Eid last week inshallah. We had, as you can imagine from my last post, a pirate theme for Eid at our home.

The boys got pirate swords and hats as little presents before we went out to find me (!) and the treasure. They wore full pirate costume with pants, belts, capes I made for them and hats. We already had some capes at home, like this one, so I used the one we already had to make a template. Alhamdulillah the design is really easy for the capes. Before Ramadan begun I went and bought the fabrics and also some fabric tape in gold for decorations. One of the capes and pants got some gems and diamonds as well (I used my glue gun to put them on).


IMG_0460 (2) IMG_0459 (2) IMG_0539 IMG_0462 (2)

All pirates need a treasure map right? 😉 I soaked the paper in a little bit of water and crumbled it together. I let it dry and then I burned the edges. The map is not really accurate because it is only the “landmarks” which are important. First I drew all the pirates (my sons and husband 😉 ), then the first mark which was a tunnel, then a forest, then 2 little red houses and me (I was kidnapped by some really bad pirates who also stole the treasure), more trees and a skull and crossbones (this is were the treasure was hidden).

I didn’t think much about this map when I made it but subahnallah my boys were really obsessed with it haha. So it was definity something which made this activity more real to them. Even now, almost a week later, they still like to look at it and talk about it.

IMG_0476 IMG_0510

Finally finding the pirate treasure filled with gold, gems, jewels, pearls and CANDY! : D

IMG_0520 IMG_0511



We finished the day with some pirate cake ; ) alhamdulillah



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